The aim of SuccessGalore is to make our clients’ businesses more successful.

Your business may be involved in the sale of consumer products, industrial products, financial or other services, online products or services, or maybe you are a not-for-profit. No matter. SuccessGalore can assist businesses in just about any industry become more successful.


SuccessGalore will provide support on a monthly basis for an agreed period of time. Generally 3 months but 6 months preferred.

At the start we will send you a questionnaire which provides us with an overview of your business. We then agree on deliverables e.g. sales results and then liaise regularly with you by phone, Skype or FaceTime to discuss your successes as well as the challenges that you may be facing.

We will then design a sales campaign using social media and present this to you for comment and then implement this. In parallel with this we will work with you to plan your business going forward.


The benefits of engaging SuccessGalore are:-

  1. increased brand awareness of your business
  2. an increase in leads resulting in an increase in sales
  3. working directly with you as the business owner or manager in the preparation of a growth plan for your business
  4. regular monitoring of sales and other targets to confirm improved performance of your business


If after 1 month you feel that you are not getting the benefits that you expected then simply contact  us and we will refund 100% of the fees that you paid to SuccessGalore. This reimbursement of fees excludes any charges paid for advertising on social media e.g. Facebook ads.


There are two fee structures:-

  1. As agreed between the business owner or manager and SuccessGalore

          Contact us so that we can discuss your individual requirements


     2. Select from one of the three business packages below:-

Business Packages

The Silver package is recommended for local businesses such as Cafes, Restaurants, local Accountants, where the focus is on growing sales and improving brand recognition within a relatively small, well defined area (eg within a 40 mile radius).

Fees are $1,990/month (3 months minimum)




The Gold package is recommended for global online businesses, such as specialist online products, where the focus is on getting leads from anywhere on the planet.

Fees are $2,490/month (3 months minimum)




The Diamond package is recommended for national businesses, such as a Restaurant franchises, national Accountancy groups, where the focus is on getting national brand recognition and leads.

Fees start at $4,950/month (3 months minimum)

At SuccessGalore we understand the many challenges that face the owners and managers of small businesses because we have have worked in small business and, in addition, have acted as advisers to a large number of small businesses.

Our primary focus is to deliver real benefits to our clients, benefits such as increased sales and sustainable business growth.


The business support packages above are the main services provided to grow your business. If you require other business support we may also be able to help you.

These additional services include:-


SuccessGalore ’s business services are delivered mainly by the regular communication online to help the owners and managers of small businesses grow their business.

But if your preference is to work one on one with a Small Business Consultant (SBC) we can put you in touch with an SBC who specializes in one or more areas where you need assistance.

Meetings with the SBC will typically be via Skype, FaceTime or phone and face to face where the SBC works nearby.

Please fill in the Contact Us form and provide some information about your requirements and we will get an SBC to contact you direct.

(The U.S. Census Bureau defines small businesses as businesses with less than 500 employees.

At SuccessGalore we use the term "small business" to mean businesses with less than 100 employees).